A thought that comes from deep love for dogs, the sentence for excellence, a stimulus that from the outset is on our side: "The love of a dog gives great strength to the man ...". This is the message we want to share with you, is the starting point from which was born the Brand I ♥ MY DOG ®



Dedicated to all those who know how great it can be the love that binds a dog and his owner. To all those who know what unconditional love of an animal can change our lives. To all those who love and respect our 4-legged friends.


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Pitti Bimbo January 2015

At Pitti Bimbo 80, a special collaboration between I Love My Dog, Pitti Immagine and concept store Luisaviaroma will take place. At Pitti Bimbo 80, a special collaboration between I Love My Dog – a brand for clothing and accessories for … Continued


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All the Brand lines include duvets, sweatshirts, knitwear, t-shirts, polos, bags, carriers, purses / kennels, blankets, pet beds, cushions, collars & leashes, harnesses and various accessories. You can find also products for woman, matched with dog’s accessories and clothes.